Zero Power Toilet was formulated catering to the necessities of general hygiene in a school situated in a rural background. Built on an existing washroom, this was a unique proposal considering the unreliable power supply in a remote location. The project had to be a critical response to the unhealthy and insanitary habits while standing out as an impeccable step towards sustainability. It was imperative as designers that we were at par and beyond the nominal standards presented by the context. Therefore, the objective became to design a toilet without the dedicated power requirement while promoting a safe and comfortable sanitation facility for the students.
The prerequisites to the design boiled down to the very simplistic needs of healthy sanitation, daylight, and ventilation. Space is lit by triangular Skylight and ventilators framed by angular origami roof bringing in light in the form of a dynamic painting. The peripheral walls are increased to allow more natural light and decreasing the dependency on the artificial lighting systems.

The ventilation is done by the help roof ventilators normally used as industrial ventilation fans inculcating the aspects of wind energy, stack effect etc. The ventilators work all day and night replenishing the enclosure with constant fresh air while the direct sunlight removes germs and humidity.

The project is a zero energy project which explores daylight harvesting and wind energy to provide odour free toilet perfect to its context. The Zero Power Toilet is an extensive undertaking towards a greener rural ecosystem, exterminating all the taboos of teenage and young-adult hygiene.

  • Year of Completion - 2015
  • Project Location – GHARSHANKAR , PUNJAB
  • Institutional
  • Built Up Area – 2550 sqft


A Furniture factory and a display center, two separate physical entities needed to be visually connected so as to give them a common fascia.