The site was a rooftop space on an existing building in an industrial sector around the suburbs of Chandigarh. Being in an industrial neighborhood the site did not offer any pleasant views to look around as a terrace office. The client owns several financial institutions and wanted a small personal office and a terrace where he could work or spend time with friends and family.
Based on the brief the office was interpreted as a microcosm of outward flowing spaces within a bounded box. The open spaces and the closed ones flow into one another unifying the spatial volume. The main spaces were oriented in different directions for creating different view axis. The view from the open terrace is envisioned as a public space, making the terrace look grander.
The two main volumes are laid angularly facing away from each other, making two axes of vision.

The volumes are further accentuated by the varying heights of the volumes, which also double up as element of design. The structure is made by a spatial lattice, flowing freely from wall to ceilings. As the spaces house windows in all directions, the play of light across the day and seasons, creates patterns making the light an integral material of the space.

The spaces like interpenetrating volumes face away from each other, welcoming different views into the room. The landscape is also thus created to compliment the axes.

  • Year of Completion - 2018
  • Project Location – Mohali (Punjab) INDIA
  • Office space
  • Built Area – 2387 Sqft


The brief was to design a contemporary space for a sweet shop which would be unique to the otherwise rural setting.