In search of timeless luxury, the project explores the domain of art of various media. The brief of the interiors of the house was to make something very chic and vibrant.
The Project brief is interpreted beyond the specification and materials .It explores newer scale of objects, non standard way of application in search of timeless luxury.
Each room is personalized to the respective user .Anirudh’sroom consists of aalmost floatingbed, backwallconsists names of his favorite soccer stars
The Daughter’s Bedroom reinterprets the fascination of a princess bedroom in a modern way. The Incorporation of art has been done carefully to synchronize seamlessly with the interiors of the space. They vary from mechanized propeller which is kinetic,18’ long hand blown glass chandelier, silver oiled bark of tree to the rope Art Installation in daughter room used as a shear curtain.
  • Year of Completion - 2018
  • Project Location – Punjab , India
  • Residential


The design brief was to visualize a house exuding comfort, designed for relaxation and leisure.