Metal art has been an integral part of architecture throughout history in India. India had produced someof the greatest craftsmen of its time. But in last few decades, modernization in architecture has discouraged them largely due to time involved in their work. As a result they have been losing work, forcing them to quit their ancestral profession in search of alternate ways to earning .This poses a serious threat to permanent loss of art which developed over ages.
The aim of the project is to bring back their art. The program of the shop is to display various applications of water Jet CNC cutting in architecture. The concept is to retrospect the art from the past and redefine it for a new modern world. Revival and re – interpretation of the art would increase the demand of art, which in turn would generate work both for artisans and the machines.
Throughout the history, there have been different symbols or motifs used by different cultures for expression of the art in architecture. But there have been some basic symbols which are common among them.These symbols are like the alphabets of graphical language. Their use, style, scale may vary but presences can be identified. One such motif is used as a basic element of design. It showcases application in various decorations like out door garden lamps , main door , flooring , ceiling , wall panels and other art work. A single motif is used a main element of design throughout the store. It creates a strong coherence among the varied elements in a small space.
The space program required space for outdoor garden elements , Interior furnishings and artefacts , Space for Discussion , Display panels for variable display , Working space for designer , washroom and pantry.
The approach was not to stack up a display but to make an experience centre for customers to appreciate the synthesis of solids and voids forming an expression of art crafted by machines .
The Store has four zones , Outdoor garden , ethnic Indian , Working space , Interior zone . The transition between outdoor and indoor area is an expression of motif in various style depicting ethnic and modern tone.
The special features includes the door which has been designed with possibility of metal intricacy and design depth. Materials like brass , copper , glass, mild steel and wood are used to create various layers and jigsaw of pattern composition. Technically all the materials were handled with respect to variation in thickness , colour and joints. It showcases the confidence in workmanship of extent of water jet cutting .
Similarly the partition between outdoor garden area of ethinic zone has been designed to show macro to micro levels of pattern possible with complete stability.
The flooring pattern was specially designed to show the combination of various stones of varied  colours  with cleanliness of design detail. Materials like Italian stones , Granite, composite stone, Quartz and tiles were used together to generate the various designs.
  • Year of Completion - 2018
  • Location : Panchkula (Haryana ) , India
  • Commercial
  • Area : 960 sqft


Payi-Payi Departmental store is concept evolved from the new age retail in the era of stiff  competition  from e- commerce.