Built on a 4600 sq. ft plot in Panchkula, the M-cut home houses four generations of a family consisting of a singular volume with shared common spaces. Age became the driving factor as the design attempts to render itself relevant to each member.
The family approached Studio Ardete, for interiors that will encourage their family values. A concoction of framed volumes with large windows, break the monotony in elevation with a contemporary language and characterize the structure as light, while internal spaces showcase Indian aesthetics narrated in a contemporary tone.
Water-jet CNC profile cutting, a business that sutures the family together, became the underlying inspiration for the designers, inventively applying the process on to various design elements, highlighting a traditional nuance. The client was insistent to use Indian symbols and motifs that morphed their residence into a work of contemporary art.
To accentuate the entrance brass and Italian curved inlays are used in flooring, while the main door handle is done in SS with a swirl pattern, each complementing the other. At the ground floor, the formal living and dining merge into a lounge and the staircase. There is a great ingress of light through the fenestrations above the staircase where the scale is enhanced by the artistically cut Duco panels.  The house diverts visual attention away from space towards individual elements, an attempt at the concept, ‘the more-the-merrier’, wherein material tactility is used to enliven the interiors while providing each space a distinct feel.
In the dining room, pops of colours can be seen via the wine-colored wall quilting. The flamboyant dining table has a top in high gloss lacquer. Fully upholstered chairs provide seating, muted in deference to the glamour of the table. The space is accentuated by the damask pattern on the glass.  A similar pattern-memory can be observed in the formal living room. This detailed work of art was meaningful for the client, therefore patterns find their ways in parts of false ceiling and their reflection in flooring accentuated with contrasting stones, in upholstery, in curtains and in tiniest of objects like the tea coasters. The south wall of the living room bears a large window that looks upon the landscape outside. A mono-hued upholstery with light golden wood furniture adds an ethnic touch to the otherwise contemporary-styled space. This floor houses the puja room and three bedrooms as well as the kitchen.
Keeping in mind the amount of time spent in the kitchen to cook meals for the eight members, the space was designed to accommodate at least four people at a time. Multicultural and global influences facilitated a more open environment. A visual connection with other spaces made encouraged interaction with the other members.
Three bedrooms are located on the first floor. The master bedroom has a woody and earthy colour palette. A sofa puts the generous proportions of the room to good use. The design presents colour like an accessory which enhances the mood of the space. Unafraid of using colour, the kid’s bedroom balances the striking accents with taupe walls and expansive greys. A bed anchors the room and merits attention. It is a bit wider to allow for additional activities to take place. The topmost floor is dedicated to a party space, home theatre, spa, and an open, landscaped terrace.
Active client participation, a sensitive approach to the available technologies and the client’s requirements allowed a sense of belonging and ownership for the M-Cut home. Imagined as a work of art, the project is truly a Master’s cut, where the user is felt more celebrated.
  • Status - Completed -2015
  • Location - Sec-4 Panchkula (Haryana)India.
  • Residential
  • Area - 1 kanal