Designed as an amalgamation of contemporary and organic features, Fluid Bar Lounge is located on the terrace of an existing boutique hotel on the main highway leading to the city of Chandigarh.

The entrance to the lounge and bar is characterized by the installation of a collection of custom made FRP panels. Two hexagonal modules are fused together (used singularly in the interiors) and are positioned at strategic points at the entrance, setting a theme for the interiors, while inviting the visitor inside.

Aiming to retain its previous identity as a rooftop bar and restaurant, Fluid is designed with a partially retractable roof. The ceiling acts as a distinguishing element, enlivening the small space. Its organic design adds depth to the bar while giving the impression of a larger area.

Made using 157 hexagonal polyhedron FRP (Fiber- Reinforced Plastic) panels, the ceiling provides a unifying element, binding the whole space together cohesively.

The modules are designed in such a way that they appear to fluidly morph into a different shape as the viewer moves from one point to another, providing a dynamic spacial dimension to the interiors. A combination of the custom panels and the lights reflects the dynamism of the main highway with traffic, like blood, pulsating through the city.

The bar counter is designed in white onyx, emitting translucent light, changing colors to complement the general theme and tone of the ambiance. Zigzag shelves act as the bar back, providing a defined background to the bar. Personifying waves, the strong features of the bar back are softened by light washing between them.

To counter the ceiling and bar elements, the walls are deliberately kept subdued. Grey in colour, they are subtly engraved in geometric patterns and overlaid with some geometrically shaped mirrors.

Overall, the design for Fluid Bar and Lounge is a study in contrasts, setting a precedent in contemporary bar design.

  • Year of Completion - 2016
  • Project Location – The Altius, Industrial Area Phase – 2 , Chandigarh
  • Commercial
  • Built Up Area (in sqm) – 1660 sqft


The project is a zero energy project which explores daylight harvesting and wind energy to provide odour free toilet perfect to its context.