A sententious site context, made our approach grounded in humble reverence of existing museums. The design attempts to artfully equipoise between the existing built mass and the future construction of Alvar alto museum
We should work for simple, good, undecorated things, but things which are in harmony with the human being and organically suited to the little man in the street” – Alvar Alto.
The proposal takes the above route to develop new connection as a ribbon – that ties both the masterpieces. The two sides of the ribbon used two main materials from the architecture movement of Finland- white painted concrete and the light decorative wood.
The single ribbon transforms itself into the roof, twists itself to form the wall and morphs itself into a ramp connecting the two buildings. The new connection derives the very form and articulation from the museums itself. It, however, marks a clear intentional transition between the new connection and the existing ones.
Prospect and Refuge have a stronghold on a human mind, both of which is our innate response to outside. The form presents itself as a strong refuge inviting anybody who crosses its path. It becomes an ambiguous stop point, from where the next destination is decided. The rear snaps the vegetation behind, promising more than what the building can retain.
The new form poses a humble reverence from a distance but slowly unfolds the contemporary twists as one progresses through. This gesture underpins the importance of the existing museums and establishes a clear hierarchy which pays homage to the context.
  • Status - Proposal
  • Location - Finland
  • Competition


The Project brief is interpreted beyond the specification and materials .It explores newer scale of objects, non standard way of application in search of timeless luxury.