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HOUSE 91/4

Brick by Brick

Alea Kitchen

The Brick House

Tessalace Commercial Office Space / Studio Ardete

Never Never Cube / Studio Ardete

SHOP NO. 851 / Studio Ardete

House 1559/36 D / Studio Ardete

Office 1243 / Studio Ardete

Never Never Cube

Ribbon House

Surfaces Reporter

The Brick house



Never NeverCube (Building1607-1608)

Shop no 851 (Timber Rhyme)

House1559/36D(Terrace house)

Office 1243 / Studio Ardete Published On Arch Daily

"Studio Ardete wins Indian Concrete Institution award for Ribbon House project"

We are happy to announce that our project was published in IN-Focus magazine.

Architectural platform ‘Amazing Architecture’ published our recently completed project ‘Never Never Cube’

‘Archello’ an online platform dedicated to showcasing projects around the world published our project ‘Never Never Cube’.

China’s no. 1 creative design sharing website hhlloo shared our recently complete Commercial building ‘Never Never Cube’.

Chinese Online Design platform ‘Designverse’ shared our recently completed building‘Never Never Cube’.

Architecture and Interior design magazine ‘Surfaces reporter’ shared an article on Ardete’s latest commercial project ‘Meltcrete’.

Studio Ardete reveals the design process behind their recently opened bathroom supply store ‘The Stylish Bath’ located in Mohali, India.

Architecture video channel 'Buildofy' showcased Studio Ardete's recently completed residence in Panchkula.