Believing that every problem has the capacity to inspire unique and creative solutions that motivate growth, the young duo of Badrinath Kaleru and Prerna Kaleru, founded Studio Ardete in the year 2010. Located in Chandigarh, India, the team at Studio Ardete aims to make each project they undertake, a study in logical and comprehensive designing. Their vision is to design spaces that would evolve into art, enriching the lives of people inhabiting them.

Not hesitating to take on even the most challenging of projects, they use modern construction and building methods to come up with designs that are at par with the most accomplished practices in the world. Ardete incorporates new techniques like parametric modeling and customized design elements, unique to each project they take on, striving to use materials available on site to make the projects sustainable. They work closely with the clients to understand their requirements and engage them in the design process, making them an intrinsic part of it.

Working on projects ranging from architecture to interiors, the architects at Ardete are always motivated to transform what is regular and conventional and flirt with the boundaries of art in architecture. Careful deliberation is employed at each step of process for building the project. In the urban and economic scenario today, that dictates most of the construction and architectural practices, Ardete attempts to erase the divide between practicality and innovation. Each project, regardless of the scale is considered complete in itself and attention is given to each and every detail.

With a passion for creating something distinctive and a taste for experimentation, Studio Ardete has completed various projects in India and abroad. Having designed in parts of Asia and Europe, including Japan, Italy and France, they believe in a wider, more analytical approach. They have also been published in various national and international architecture and design magazines and online portals, besides being the finalists for the WAF, 2015 and Runners-Up for AR Design Awards, Finalist for World Architecture Festival (WAF 2017),Euro Shop retail design award 2017 and Silver winner for FOAID 2017, NDTV Grohe Awards for best washroom design. Smart Green Awards 2018 for best washrooms design. Shortlist BAVILION for WAF-2018 under Production Energy and Recycling, Eurasian Prize Awards 2018, The Architecture Masterprize 2018.


Badrinath Kaleru  &  Prerna Kaleru , an Alumni  of  IIT Roorkee , founded  Studio Ardete  in 2010 as a proponent  of “SPACE IS MORE” with  the  belief  that  built  spaces  need  to  celebrate  the  Human existence , the  Life .

Buildings  need  to  connect  to  its  users  at  an  emotional  domain. If  it  happens  the physical  aspects of  space  the  form ,  materials  and  style  disappear , The  space  bonds  to  its  user  like another  human ,  its  becomes  alive .


Ar. Badrinath Kaleru

Ar. Prerna Kaleru



  • Euro Shop Retail Design Award 2017 Disha Electrical and Lighting Store
  • World Architecture Festival 2017 Fluid Bar Exchange
  • World Architecture Festival 2015 Manasara - The Profile Cutting Store
  • Eurasian Prize 2018 Bavilion
  • The Chicago Athenaeum International Architecture Award 2019 Bavilion
  • Salone Satellite 2018 Milan Italy. Corrolla And Stamen
  • Architecture Masterprize 2018 Bavilion
  • Salone Satellite 2019 Milan Italy. Muggu,Anka,Vrtta,Atana


  • Festival of Architecture & Interior Designing (FOAID) 2017 Atelier Kirkos (Best interior design Project in commercial category)
  • The Festival of Architecture & Interior Designing (FOAID) 2015 Manasara
  • Saint Gobain and The Economic Times Smart Green Awards ZEET (Learning Institutions Building design)
  • NDTV Grohe Design And Architecure awards 2017 ZEET (Best Washroom Design).
  • CERA Wb Washroom Design challenge 2017 Luxury Washroom Design
  • Indian Concrete Institute (Ultra Tech Award 2018) Atelier kirkos
  • CERA Wb washroom design challenge 2018
  • IIID Design And Excellence Awards 2018 Skewboid (Commercial Workplace Large)
  • WADE ASIA 2018 Public Building Design
  • WADE ASIA 2018 Emerging Architect
  • FOAID 2019 Gold winner in Architecture-Residential Villa and Bungalow
  • FOAID 2019 Gold Winner in Architecture - Commercial Building
  • FOAID 2019 Silver winner in Interiors - Restaurants and Bar lounge
  • WADE ASIA 2019 Best Runner up In Commercial Architecture
  • Indian Concrete Institute (Ultratech Awards 2019) Special Award in Dream Home Category 2019.