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Fluid Bar Exchange

Category     :Restaurant-Bar

Project Title : Fluid Bar Exchange

Location      : Chandigarh

Client          : Mr.Ginny Chawla

Year of

Completion : 2016

Chandigarh has been through a drastic transformation as a city since its inception. From being criticized  as a “alienistic and dull city” at its inception , It is one of the best cities to live in the country in terms of quality of life . The roads which once looked barren and out of scale are now covered by the canopies of 60 year old trees. It  has evolved with a character of its own.

The aim of the project was to celebrate the character of the city and its transformation. To create an  space which has the  soul  of the city .

Site is located on roof top of a boutique hotel on a main highway at the entrance of the city . It has the best position to experience the buzz of city’s main highway .The brief was to design a bar lounge which could function also as a night club.  The concept of the space resonates the dynamism of the character of the streets.  The half covered roof are clad with inverted polyhedrons which metamorphosed the leaves ,and  changing seasonal colors  in form of RGB lights.

Modules :

 Oblique Hexagonal Polyhedron modules create a unique spacial experience from different locations of the space They form the first order of design . The experience is further enhanced by a layer of hand painted turquoise mirrors which create more illusions which is second order of design . The final impact is by the third order of dynamically programmed RGB Lights which enhances the mood of the various functions of the space .

The Entrance is characterized by a floating di-hexogonal polyhedron modules formed by fusing the two modules along the base,  in the space in different orientations. Its further enhance by mirrors and being lit by dynamic light projectors.