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Pool Yard House

Category   : Architecture - Residences & Cottages

Project Title : Pool Yard House

Location      : Panchkula (Haryana)

Client          :

Year of

Completion : 2017

Located on a busy sectoral road of the city of Panchkula, the Pool House was designed for an elderly couple and their visiting family and friends. The design brief was to visualize a house exuding comfort, designed for relaxation and leisure. The concept was to place emphasis on the courtyard and pool areas, with these acting as the focal point of the space. The facade has been designed in two individual masses. A screen comprising of vertical members reduces visual contact with the busy street outside, while allowing the occupants to have a view of the trees lining the road across. Another distinct mass is created by the staircase facade, clad in dark grey textured stone. Small rectangular void have been created in this facade to break the monotonous mass and add lightness to it. These small windows have been fit in with reflective glasses incorporated to add a sculptural dimension to it. A water body planned near the entrance sets a tranquil tone for the interiors.The main staircase and the wellness areas have been connected to the rest of the spaces via the courtyard, establishing a strong correlation between the inside and the outside, a fact that achieves greater importance when the climatic zone, characterized by both, extreme heat and cold, is taken into consideration. The Pool on the first floor level can be seen from many areas, making it the nucleus of the house and lending the project its name.